Australia has its well-touted eorts and commitment in keeping at pace with technological advancements. Part of this is the Australian Government’s National Innovation & Science Agenda which promotes the uptake of new ideas in innovation and science.

As Australia proactively leverages science and technology innovations, it is no wonder that startup accelerators are coming to this country and is the home to a myriad of top IT companies.

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New Zealand

New Zealand gives weight to information and communications technologies. According to New Zealand and Now, an ocial website provided by the Immigration of New Zealand, the country’s ICT endeavors covers wireless infrastructure, health IT, digital content, payments, geospatial, telecommunications, agricultural technology and many others.

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Asia Pacific

The information technology industry is thriving in Asia Pacific. From IT storage, big data analytics, mobile, data centre, applications, and many others, Asia Pacific has become a breeding ground of up and coming innovations and a melting pot of the diverse knowledge springing forth from various IT professionals in the APAC IT.

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