Reach your IT audience for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation.

ITUpdate provides honest results without fuss. As a place where IT managers, decision-makers, specialists, and professionals are updated daily on the latest developments in the IT industry, we deliver your organization’s message and purpose out in the open and for all the IT world to see.

A significant part of ITUpdate’s role is to serve as a source channel for sales, promotions, advertising or any marketing contents of each vendor listed at These are in the forms of IT related events, promos, webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, product information, press releases and any company news or update.

ITUpdate work hand-in-hand with a wide variety of IT companies, big and small, which also cater to a myriad of other industries – be they financial, manufacturing, or business landscapes. These companies oer comprehensive IT technologies such as cloud, data centre, security, networking, servers and unified communications (a.k.a. UC or uni comm).

ITUpdate Offers Advertisers the following
Publication Listing and Advertising
Trac Referral to your Landing Page and Website links
Asset and Landing Page Hosting
Email Content Syndication
Achieve Milestones, Reach your Audience

ITUpdate knows how vital it is for you to reach your target audience. As an entity made specifically for IT professionals such as IT decision makers, managers, specialists and professionals, ITUpdate ensures that your marketing eorts will reach these audiences directly via ITUpdate’s IT marketing database. As one of the industry’s emerging advertisers, ITUpdate upholds one of the core tenets of information technology: direct to the point, intuitive, disruptive and ever progressing.

ITUpdate’s IT marketing database has logged over 10 years of enrichment towards becoming the extensive representation of the APAC B2B IT market that it is today. As a result, you will secure a decided edge as you gain access to 100,000+ IT businesses, 90,000+ IT decision makers and 25,000+ IT professionals who are constantly in the loop of online marketing/advertising activities such as email circulation, telemarketing, lead generation, PPC and retargeting.

The ITUpdate IT marketing database will also provide you strong and consistent audience engagement with the use of the following:
  • Publication Listing
  • Traffic Referrals
  • Asset and Landing Page Hosting
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Content Marketing or Syndication
  • PPC Advertising and Optimization
Hit Your Goals and Focus on What Matters Most

As part of its aim in becoming one of the industry’s leading advertisers, ITUpdate has advanced audience market segment capabilities which will give you the power to control your advertising activities based on factors or segments that really matter as they relate to your specific preferences in:

Organization Size - target IT companies based on their employee population.Type of Industry - gain sucient online presence in your target industry, be it in financial, manufacturing, or business landscapes.

Country or Region - focus your listings on a specific region within the APAC region.IT Professional’s Profile - expand your network and conduct background checks on IT decision-makers or managers who are members of your target audience and are directly related to your IT products or services.

Get it Done!

Send an email to ITUpdate’s Vendor Advertising Executive Elwin Abarro at to get you started with your specific audience segmentation needs and to know more about all of the advertising options from which to choose. Alternatively, communicate to us any other queries you may have by calling any of these numbers:

AU: +61 282228299
SG: +65 31573008
PH: +63 22313504
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